Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Scrubbie Maddness

My sister picked me up a couple scrubbies last night so I could try out the new patterns. This one was super easy and very fast to do. Almost looks like a sunny side up egg. The pattern link is here

This one is a daisy and there is a sunflower pattern as well. I didn't have a yellow center so not sure what kind of flower it looks like, also pretty and quick to work up
The Pattern: Flower Scrubbies (PDF file) designed by Denise Rothberg, published in Annie’s Favorite Crochet Magazine (October 2002), and now available on FreePatterns.com.

I am hoping to make up several different scrubbies and dishcloths and make baskets for my sisters in law at Christmas time.

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CraftyCarole said...

I left a comment about your question on my blog... if you go there, you can follow the link to your answer :-)

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