Monday, June 25, 2007

Mid-month June KAL is finished

Well here it is... my camera doesn;t take the photo well... plus I didn't block it. I am happy with the finished product and Susan this will be the latest edition to your monthly dishcloth gift... so watch your mail.

I had to rip this out several times because I got distracted and with so many p2tog-b and ssk etc. I couldn't re-trace my steps. Even with the life lines I had trouble. But once I slowed down and turned down the sound on the TV I did better. I can see I still have a lot to learn.

But I am not afraid... bring on the KALs... I will not fail. LOL
(maybe if I keep saying that and wrap it around with prayers it will happen)


SimplyMe said...

I like how that turned out. What color did you use? I still don't think I'm ready to brave this one!

SimplyMe said...

Okay, it's been two days and I KNOW you have more stuff done I wanna see -grinning

Aunt Kathy said...

Tomorrow Shelly, just be patient, LOL

I finished the scrap yarn rug, and I am working a new dishcloth pattern too.

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