Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Bootie break

Eggplant Booties.
Aren't they cute? I test knittied them for the pattern creator. What an easy pattern and they knitted up very fast, I mean like an hour tops.

The little flower in the center I added, it was not part of the original pattern. I am now trying to knit the matching bib, and I think I have met my match. I am having trouble. I am almost finished but I am sure it is not exactly how the pattern instructed. I hope to finish that one today.

I did make some more scrubbies but I won't bore you all with more photos now. I think I might stick them all on long knitting needles and put them in a vase and take a picture of my scrubbie garden, LOL.

I also want to start working on the Monthly KAL project, it's a lacey type pattern and I am eager to learn more of these. I used to be afraid of them but now I just want more and more.

Today is supposed to be HOT and HUMID. Oh I wish we had a pool. I guess wet wash cloths cooled in the freezer will be my relief today worn on the back of my neck. Gotta love New York in the summer...NOT.


Aunt Kathy said...

OOps forgot to send the link to the Eggplant Bootie creator... sorry Tiff... here is the link to her blog and some of her other patterns as well.


Christmas Angel said...

Thanks for the link! you are so cool! Love ya!

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