Monday, June 11, 2007

Well I think I am finally getting a clue

I did it. I figured out how to have a slide show on my blog. I am so so so excited, LOL.

I tried to find a sample of some of the things I have made since I have been on disability. There are more, but I didn't want to put anyone to sleep. Hahahaha

I had my grandson for a few days. It's hard to believe but it is actually easier to care for a almost three year old who is running around everywhere then an almost three year old stuck in a body cast in bed. I sure got alot of exercise tending to him. He is going to the Dr today, I am praying they say it's healing faster then they hoped and he will not have to go for 6 or 8 weeks in the cast. His spirits are pretty good though, he is such a happy child. He held my hand alot, I miss hugging and holding him though. I think I want this to be over even mor ethen he does.

I am still working on the wave dishcloths for my mom, I have 9 more to go to have 24 total. I had to use a couple other colors though as I ran out of "swimming pool" blue and the "summer splash" green.

I also saw a pattern for some kitchen scrubbies that I have fallen in love with and hope to make up some kitchen gift baskets for Chriutmas gifts this year. This will hopefully be a summer project for me.

Not much else is new here, I hope to try to update more often.

Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you like what you see and read.

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