Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Well here it is the finished YoYo afghan. It is 20 yoyo's wide and 28 yoyos long. My mom saw it for the first time yesterday and said her grandmother used to make yoyo stuff all the time. Her couch was always covered with yoyo pillows. This blanket will be donated to Close Knit Hugs for victims of natural disasters. I may continue to make yoyos and perhaps make my mom a pillow as a surprise.

Good news about Adam too. He is feeling better and we are going to be able to bring him to our house for our usual days, Thursday thru Sunday. I am so happy. I think the 6 weeks will fly by if things follow a normal routine. It's already been 1 week, just 5 more to go.

Oh I took my Bible quiz today... the one about the books on the Bible and I for the first time got 1oo%. I guess reading through the Bible cover to cover last year really sunk in.

I am working on those Wave dishcloths for my mom for the next couple weeks and I have some ideas I am rolling around for some creations of my own.

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