Tuesday, July 3, 2007

FISHING for projects to knit

Well I have yet another project in the works. I came across this fish design on another blog, and recently joined the Yahoo group because I just had to figure these out. I LOVE them. Fast to knit, easy to do, fun to watch develop. Can't wait until I have enough to sew together and make a blanket.

My camera is old and outdated so the pictures aren;t the best, but as I knit up more I will try to photograph them better. I love how they puff up in the moddle and think it will really make an interesting blanket when sewn together.

In between the fish I have made several squares for the Victory Junctions Camp (A NASCAR charity) as well as a few more Wave squares for my mom. I know I said I was finished but she thinks she needs 6 more. Ok Mom, I have 2 done and 4 more to go. LOL.

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