Thursday, June 14, 2007

scrubbies are multiplying

The scrubbies are coming out of the woodwork, LOL. I have actually taken two different patterns and combined them and made a few changes and this is the product it created. I am so loving making these and am looking forward to making the gift baskets. You can't see it but the backs of the scrubbies are fully covered in the cotton yarn, so there is a soft side and a rough side. I am using up alot of the tiny left over balls of cotton I have from the dishcloths and that's how I am getting the contrasted colors with the white.
The scrubbies were only 10 cents a piece, you can't go wrong there. And I have a pound cone of the white cotton still from the Angel cloths a few months ago, so
anyone need a scrubbie...?
Oh and an update on Adam... DR said his bones are healing nicely and maybe only 2 or 3 more weeks with the cast, I say 2. Now to stop the bed sores... poor baby.
Okay I hear my crochet hooks calling my name... they are hungry for cotton yarn...


Michelle said...

These are so cool Kathy! I love them... any 'knit' versions out there???

Mary Ann said...

I love those scrubbies!! I've made them with the cotton on one side also, but I love the way you've added the edges. I want one!!

By the way, I was just starting the petal dishcloth and I'm confused. Are there supposed to be stitches left on the needle at the end of row one?? When I add up the stitches used it's only 14 and there are 16 stitches. Help me please!!
Mary Ann

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