Thursday, June 28, 2007

Tried a new Dishcloth Pattern...


Not sure of the name but I saw the pattern posted on someone's blog and she caled it a slip stitch dishcloth.

It is basically an 8 row repeat pattern and so super easy. You work with 2 complimating colors throughout. The picture doesn't do it justice. It feels awesome to touch, and is stunning. Works up fast, needs little to NO concentration. Try one, you'll love it. I promise

Cast on 43

1-Knit across (color A)

2- Purl across (color A)

3- K1, S1, across ending with K1 (color B)

4- same as 3 (color B)

5- Knit across (color B)

6- Purl across (color B)

7- K2, (S1, K1) across ending with K2 (color A)

8- P1, (K1, S1) across K1 and P1 last 2 stitches (color A)

Repeat to deisred size (I did 8 repeats) and end with Rows 1 and 2

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