Thursday, July 26, 2007

I've Been Tagged

Well I guess I have been tagged. I think I was once before but I forgot to follow the instructions. So here it goes. I guess I am supposed to list 6 things about myself and then tag 6 other people to do the same. So here I go...

1- Whenever I eat M&M's I always seperate the colors, and then pair them up, and if I have an odd number I will bite that one in half so it makes 2.

2- I stopped cracking my knuckles 20 years ago, but even today if someone cracks theirs in my presence I have to fight the urge to crack mine too.

3- I like pickles and tomatoes but if they are on a hamburger I must remove them and eat them first, the onions and lettuce can stay though.

4- I sometimes catch myself singing NOGGIN songs even when my grandson is not here with me.

5- I can talk on the phone for hours to one person without blinking, and usually do, several times a week. (right Shelly?)

6- I have sold Avon products since I was 18, and I still to this day have never used any soaps, cleansers, creams or make up on my face, nor have I ever had a pimple.

Now the hard part, finding some blogs to tag... let's see...
These are some blogs I check out often to see what is new, I haven't ever met or really know these talented people yet, but hopefully this will be a start.




Maria Elena-



Okay, I think all I need to do now is visit these blogs and tell them I tagged them. I am not really good at this so hopefully I did it right.


SimplyMe said...

Yes, I know we can talk on the phone alot, that's why we have free long distance, right?

Christmas Angel said...

Awesome Job! You nailed it! As for the phone thing I am QUEEN of living on the phone. When I was younger my best friend and I would often watch tv together over the phone, LOL.


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