Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Adam's BIg Day

Saturday July 21st we took Adam to a birthday party for his cousin. this was his forst real outing since he had the body cast off. Because his cousin lives out in the country and near a resorvoir (Adam calls it Crocodile Lake) we had to stop there first. He didn't want to leave, he was crying as we put him back in the car.
We arrived to hte party and there was a little blow up pool set up. he couldn't wait to get in and play. He is a fish like his Nana (me) He was standing up pretty good and even took several un-assisted steps throughout the day. It was great to see him walking again
Next came the presents and when this gift was opened Adam just couldn;t wait to play in the balls. The birthday girl, Adam and another cousin played in that house for at least an hour. They were so cute.

Sunday we took Adam to church and then we were to hea dup to the country again for another party, but my little Bubba fell asleep after church, the little guy was so tired he was on top of the pillow when he zonked. He didn't walk at all Sunday, I figure his legs were worn out from Saturday

He went home Monday (yesterday) and by then he was walking again. I can't wait to see what another week of healing brings, we have a full schedule next weekend too, you can bet I'll have my camera ready to go.


Michelle said...

Awww... how awesome! Looks like Adam had a very very fun and exhausting weekend!

I wanted to tell you I nominated you for 'Rockin' girl blogger' ! Check it out at my blog

Lil Knitter said...

He looks so sweet...glad he had fun. And congrats on your nomination! And, You've been tagged! lol Check out my blog for the rules.

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