Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Juat another crazy week for me

Well my Grandson Adam is free from the body cast. See him showing off his legs and feet finally able to wiggle again. He still can't walk yet, but he can scoot around on his bottom pretty good. This picture is with his daddy, my son Joe. Adam used to call him Joe all the time but this weekend finally starting calling him daddy. I love it, it sounds so cute.

My husband has been fishing down at the Hudson River every chance he can get. I have been telling people I feel like a "River Widow". This fish was a 28" Drum fish. He released it back in the water but he caught two of these within 20 minutes with just a worm. He was thrilled. i was so glad he didn't keep them and try to get me to cook them. YUCK

My mom stopped at the dollar store today and came back with these new balls of yarn. I have never used the Lion Suede or the Trellis yarn before and I can't wait. Well actually the Trellis yarn I didn't wait, I started the scarf patter on the ball band and am LOVING it. Very delicate and colorful. My mom wants me to make a scarf from the Suede too, so that will be next. She only got the 4 balls cause she wasn't sure if I'd like them. I told her ANY yarn that is $1.00 or less is a yarn I will LOVE. I think she will get me more. Woo Hoo

Now the crazy stuff... someone came into our yard in the middle of the night while we were all sleeping and set a fire to a tent and mattress we had set up in the backyard. It obviously burned fast and hard. The tent was only inches away from our garage and my sisters deck (she lives nextdoor) It could have burned up a lot of things. We don't know who did it or why, but I tell you I am a little nervous that they might try to burn other things too.

All I can do to keep sane is to knit and crochet. I have mande 18 squares for Victory Junctions Camp (a NSACAR thing) I made 4 dishcloths for some friends on a FlyLady group I talk to every day, and I started that scarf. I also want to start the monthly dishcloth KAL too. Oh so many projects and so little time.

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