Sunday, April 8, 2007

Happy Easter

Well I handed out all my Three Crosses dishcloths, to my sisters, mom, niece and ladies in church. I had enough and even was asked by some to get a few more too.

My mom has asked me to make a Hobo Purse like the one I have pictured in my current project section, except I am using a different yarn. I am using the ticker tape Modea yarn same color I used in the belt I pictured here last month. She also wants a belt and matching cell phone case and I need them all done before the 21st.

We had a nice Easter, we ate at my sisters and I worked a little on the purse but after dinner we played Mexican Dominoes. I am tired and was going to work on it a little but instead I think I am going to bed and start fresh tomorrow.

I still have 2 blankets to sew together and I need to type up the patterns for the Purple Hearts, and I may do a third version as well, where the middle heart is filled in instead of the outside and indise hearts. Seems like I am always making three versions of everything, LOL... Oh well it's good practice right?

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