Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Finished the Raffle project

Well this is the finished project for the purse, matching belt and cell phone holder. My mom is going to donate them to a raffle that a womans retreat is having this weekend. I used the ticker tape yarn, it's so easy to work with and I like how it looks. The colors are pretty bright and funky but I like them. I have also done up several dishcloths that she can also donate. 4 of them are of my own pattern vreations.
Tosay I started organizing some of my patterns by putting the sheets of paper inside the plastic sleeves. Next I need to get a 3 ring binder.
A friend of mine just became a grandmother and I am going to now work on a sweater set and an afghan for the baby. The baby was born only 24 weeks old and weighs just over a pound. With my grandson also being a preemie I just have a special place in my heart for those precious babies.
I am almost done with the sweater, I am using a doll pattern, I will post pictures as I get further along.
Also in my current project you will see the garterlac dishcloth. I decided last night I had to try it. Now normally this would appear to be too complicated for me, but I did it. I plan on making several more of these, what a fun pattern to do. I got the pattern off of a blog here is the link: http://criminyjickets.blogspot.com/2006/07/garterlac-dishcloth.html
I can't believe this pattern was created by a man, how in the world did someone ever think up a design like this and then a way to stitch it? I am amazed.

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