Sunday, December 2, 2007

Happy Birthday Dayna

Today is my sister Dayna's birthday. She is two years younger then me but she is my best friend. I have been so blessed by her in so many ways. God even rewarded me by allowing me to buy a house right next door to hers. If one of us slams a door at our house the other house shakes, that's how close we are.

Our boys are the same ages and her daughters are my joy... when I lost my daughter at birth she was wonderful in sharing hers with me. I can't imagine life without my sister.

You know it wasn't always like this. We used to fight always when we were younger, but I would stand in front of a truck, to save her, now and even back then.

So many memories we share though, like loving the Bay City Rollers, going to every home Padre game, spending vacations with our Nana and cousins, tanning in the backyard reading harlequin novels together and music. We loved music, still do. You would find us singing everyday, we always knew all the words to every song.

If I sing " M I C K E Y .... M O U S E" to this day it makes her have to run to the bathroom, I used to love doing this in the car on a road trip, LOL

She loves lady bugs, but is terrified of stink bugs. At one time she looked like a pirate, with a silver capped front tooth and a patch on one eye. You can bet money that wherever she is there is a book near by, she loves to read.

There was a time when our parents were divorced that we were separated, I living with my dad, and she and my other sister Erin, living with my mom. We were even at one point forbidden to see or talk to each other at all. But we would sneak out and always found a way.

My sister has the biggest heart of anyone I know. She will bend over backwards to help you, even to the point of exhaustion. She has been making a lunch everyday for my husband for the last 2 years, just because she wants to.

When I was burned in a house fire she drove 60 miles to the emergency room at NASCAR speeds, even got pulled over by the police but she was still there by my side in miracle time. I can only imagine her crown awaiting her in Heaven.

So my blog today is dedicated to my sister, my friend, and I hope that by telling you all a little about her that you too will be blessed.

I love you and my prayer today is that God brings you answers to your hearts desire, peace and joy in your days always and rest.

(devil eyes... the nickname she gave me because I have 2 freckles one above each eye brow)


Katie O said...

She sounds like a phenomenal sister... Reminds me of my sister... Happy Birthday Dayna!!!! Have a great day Kathy

Anonymous said...

She sounds like the best ever sister. My her day be blessed and extremely happy.


Wendy said...

Sounds just like my sis.........Tell her Birthday Hugs, from Michigan............Did the Restore work on the computer???? Have a great night...

Mary Ann said...

Best birthday wishes to your sister!

I also have a sister who is two years younger than I am. We used to fight, but I always protected her. For awhile after my mother died, we didn't speak. But I never gave up trying and praying that things would change. My prayers were answered and now we call each other often. You are so lucky to have your sister close by, wish I did.

Have a great evening!

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