Thursday, December 6, 2007

Did Ya Miss Me?

Well I am still here. Been pretty tired and not on the computer as much as I like.

Adam was here earlier this week so that preoccupied me as well.

I went to the DR's today for my repeat blood work, so I am praying that the news is better this time. Hopefully I will know tomorrow, but most likely won't hear until Monday or Tuesday.

I finished another pencil scarf, this one I did in yellow. Adam was modeling the red one around when he was here. He knows it's a pencil. Such a smart boy.

I'm working on two other scarves as well, I am 30% done with one and 20% with the other. I am using circulars even though not needed cause I always drop a needle. It works like a charm except when you get knitting and suddenly one of the sticks disconnect from the cord and go flying across the room. That's what I get for buying cheap needles off of EBAY. Oh well.

My husband the "Hunter" finally got a deer. He's been cutting up the meat every night, one leg at a time. He is also catching mice with peanut butter. I feel like I live in a zoo or something.

I sure wish I could upload pictures, I hope when my son returns he can help me. I tried the system restore and it didn't work. It wouldn't let me put in a date before December 1st. Bummer.

I really love Ravelry. I love that I can see all my friends blogs at a glance from there. I also found a new LYS sort of near me. Maybe in the Spring I will go there for a knitting class, I'd like that.

Not sure if you noticed but I have added a few new contests. I do update that as I find more, even if I don't actually blog. I do miss blogging everyday and will be back to that I am sure before the New Year starts. I also am planning a new contest starting January 1st so don't give up on me ok?

I guess that's all the update from me for now. It's cold, I've had a cold forever now and I am just tired all the time. Welcome to winter in New York.

Maybe I'll get to blog again over the weekend.

Thanks for checking in, it really means alot that you are all still here.



Lil Knitter said...

Yes, I've missed you. I check my blog reader every day looking for you and you haven't been there. Welcome back! I sure hope you get your photo problem straightened out soon...that can be so frustrating and we need our "Adam fix". lol
I hope you're feeling better soon and the news from the Dr. is good news.

Katie O said...

Young Lady! Where have you been?? We have been missing you and worrying about you... jk with the lecturing part at the beginning... hope it made you smile. We have been concerned for you and are glad that you are ok. Life get busy sometimes... that is for sure. Can't wait for the new contest!! Have a great friday and a great weekend!! Katie

Wendy said...

SIGH***of relief....So glad to hear from you...Worry wart here was worring...Sorry to hear you still have a cold..Dear William has decided he did not want to be sick by himself anymore, so I am sick also...I think it is the flu.;achy, chills, cough. just miserable..Sorry to hear the restore did not work...Hope you are feeling better soon.

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