Monday, May 28, 2007

The YOYO Blanket

Well finally got around to taking pictures of my ongoing YoYo project. Whenever I crochet or knit something I save the small balls of the acrylic yarn to make YoYo's (easy to make, chain 4 and slip to form a ring, chain 3 and then do 15 Double crochets in the ring, slip together and bind off weave in ends.) I save them in old Popcorn containers and Coffee containers, even zip lock baggies...until I have a good size stash of various colors and then...

You start attaching them together in rows. It looks complicated and in fact I just learned this week on how to attach, until then I just made the yoyo's. I was given instructions over the phone so it's pretty easy. This is a close up picture of the one I have started this week

This picture shows a little more of the afghan... It has 10 completed rows so far, 16 YoYo's in each row. I think it really should have 20 YoYo's in a row but I refuse to rip it apart, instead I am thinking about adding a couple rows up the side, I think it will work.


SimplyMe said...

Good Grief Woman! I've been working on mine for months and you are almost caught up. Nice job. It comes together nice, doesn't it??

beth said...

how do you put them together? please let me know I have been looking for the directions

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