Monday, May 28, 2007

It's been awhile since I updated

Well I ahve been working with some yarn given to me recently, just some scraps of various colors. I took some of the small balls of cotton yarn I had left over and made my first petal dishcloth. I was sure this was going to be hard but the pattern was so simple and easy to remember. I didn't even need to carry the directions around. I love how it turned out and I set it off as a gift to someone who I think is a true gift and brightens the lives of so many, she is just like a colorful petal.

This picture is the workings of two kitchen scrubbies. I was just given the simple instructions yesterday and knitted these up during a BBQ at my sisters house. I am a little confused on how to finish them though. The directions say to tie the cast on and cast off tails together to make a "tube" then to scrunch together the ends by weaving the tail through and pulling tight, but it says nothing about the seam, I wonder if I should sew that shut, or if it's supposed to be open to hold soap or an SOS pad or something. This was also my first try at changing colors while knitting. I used even numbers and was able to carry the colors instead of ctuuing and weaving ends everytime and I loved it.

I have more to share but I think I will do seperate posts for them.

Be right back.

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