Monday, April 9, 2012

Day 5 of SC Trip- The Childrens Museum and GRITS

As usual Nana was up and already up and had coffee, decaf of course... oh and while I'm on the subject of coffee, let me just say if anyone plans on having me come to stay for a visit you MUST have a Keurig... I swear once you go Keurig no other coffee will do... ok back to my post... and Adam and Mama are still sleeping.

We had a treat this morning for breakfast... baby brother Jack and Jamie joined us at The Waffle House...

Adam had Waffles and Grits... what the heck is a grit anyway??? It just doesn't sound pleasant to me, makes me think of sand. Jack had grits too and BACON... doesn't that picture look like he has bacon for a tongue? LOL

We decided to go see the Children's Museum with the boys after breakfast. What a cute place... first thing Adam saw was the 2 story jungle gym thing
There were space shuttles and race cars and dinosaurs and a music room... and more. Here are a few of the pictures I got of Adam playing today
Naturally a spot where water was involved, because we all know Adam loves to get wet.
Speaking of getting wet... this cow really squirted water out when you milked her... look at that face? LOL
Is any children's place complete without a slide made from a STOMACH, lol?
Of course by the end of the trip we were all
climbing the walls lol...
Oh and I must say chasing the two boys around three floors of a museum really burns off those calories... I walked in one way and walked out THINNER here's the proof... :-)
 I think I'll leave on this positive note... Thin feels great LOL

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