Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September 1, We Are All Winners

Well at least I am, LOL. Yes I am a WINNER. What did I win you ask...hmm perhaps I should make you all guess...

Tell you what for everyone that guesses correctly and posts it in the comments I will draw a winner and send you something. Not sure what yet, I mean everything I own is packed in boxes somewhere bewteen the two houses but I have something, no worries.

Speaking of worries... Anyone afraid of elevators? My sister is terrified if them, she won't enter one if she's alone. Well as you may or may not know...

hmm did I mention on the blog that I was moving out of our "money pit" house and into adult/senior luxury apartments? Well if I didn't I am now. We moved in last weekend. We are now living in a giant HOTEL, lol. At least that's what it looks like to me. I LOVE it. We have an exercise room in our building (haven't used it yet) open 24/7 too... no bad weather excuses for me anymore, lol.

...Anyway, back to the elevator, we live on the 2nd floor. So we have the option of taking the elevator or walking up the stairs. I do both depending on what I'm carrying and how exhausted I am.

Well last night my husband worked his security job and got home around midnight or so... tired as he was he entered the elevator and punched the #2 button and the doors closed. Then the worrying started... the #2 floor button light went out and the elevator did NOT move. No doors opened, nothing was happening. He was stranded in the elevevator alone in the middle of the night. He pushed every button and after 5 long minutes he was getting ready to push the emergency call when suddenly the doors opened. He jumped off, still on floor 1 and took the stairs. Needless to say after I heard this story I took the stairs all day today, ha good exercise right? Spoke to management and they will look into it but the elevator company thinks the elevator went into sleep mode? Really? Like my lap top does if I am not speedily typing on these keys? I've never heard of an elevator sleeping.

Speaking of sleeping... that's my biggest challenge right now. Especially with moving and school starting. I am lucky to get 3 hours a day in a row. I NEED more than that. Did you know that you can eat the same amounts and exercise the same every day, but if you don't sleep you will GAIN weight? TRUE fact. I have been through a lot to lose this weight and I certainly don't want to find it again because I am too "BUSY" to rest.

Tomorrrow is my second day on campus... so maybe I'll have something interesting to post about the days events.

I'll see you then... don't forget to comment and guess what I won... oh and please don't forget to follow my giveaway blog too, I'm in week two now and only 40 or so out of the 500 goal are following.



sailorcross said...

I will say that you won a new and fresh perspective on life!!

Sorry about hubby and the elevator--that could have been very frightening!! At least, I know that I wouldn't have liked it very much!!

Congratulations on your new home--enjoy, enjoy!!


Amy said...

I guess you won your Keurig!

Marissa said...

I hope it's the Keurig, I hope it's the keurig...please say it's the Keurig!!!

zelzee said...

The lottery?

And yes, I am a tad bit uncomfortable in elevators. if that had happened to me....I can guarantee it would be stairs forever!

Wendy said...

I so hate elevators. They make me light headed and I am petrified as to what may happen...My greatest fear is of "falling" BUT I do get in them, especially at school cause I usually have so many books in my bag that I am weighted down. Not sure on what you won, BUT I am thinking you are a winner of LIFE....I am trying to get back to blogging, got new pics of the kids up..

mel said...

You won the lotto didn't you?!?!? ;)

umm as for the elevator- I WOULD NEVER BE ON IT AGAIN! We were at the Syr mall last week and b/c we had the stroller we had to take the elevator- it's glass you can see out- it only covers a couple of floors but for some reason it gave me the creeps! I've NEVER had issues with elevators in my life!

Unknown said...

Hmmm...what did you win? Lets see, did you win a book?


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