Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Back To School Was The Easy Part LOL

So Monday I take my son to the hospital for a follow up visit, and in my haste to get there and the frustration of dealing with his attitude as we got out of the car I somehow managed to leave the keys safely in the ignition and then locked the doors to make sure they'd stay safe. Uh Oh
Of course I never paid attention to my moms advice about the cracked open window, cause we rolled those electric windows up nice and tight. Now it was 90+ degrees out so the wise thing, keys or no keys, would to have left a little crack for air, but like I said I was frustrated. Listen, mom's always see into the future I know this is a fact cause I can see into my kids future all the time, I just can't see into my own.
I called to have a locksmith/tow trucking company come to rescue my keys. Yeah, I called them back and canceled after they advised me the cost was $75. You have to be kidding me, give me a hanger and I'll do it myself. Of course I probably had a hanger in my car with all the moving and everything but the car was locked, lol.

I was going to have my sister go to my new apartment and have the property manager let her into my apartment to get my spare car key and bring it to me, BUT the property manager has Monday's off. My husband was at work, I thought he had a spare key to my car, he did... but it was to the old car, the one we sold on craigs list 2 weeks ago. Oops. He couldn't leave work and even if he could he'd first have to get the upright freezer off his truck that he sold to a co-worker.

 Yeah a comedy of errors this day was.

So my nephew "Chuck" came and picked us up and brought us to his mom's, my sisters, house. I promptly borrowed a bathing suit of hers...

OK let me stop here for a moment... did you just read what I said? I borrowed a bathing suit from my small skinny sister and it FIT. It was one of those aha moments, I am not a FAT girl anymore. Ok back to the keys...

So I jumped in her pool, the air was warm but the water was COLD. I needed to cool off emotionally and physically. It did help, there is something to be said about what pool water does to my mood.
Normally I have an extra door key attached to my purse, why? Cause I like to hoard things and carry everything but the kitchen sick when I leave the house. But since we started this move I have been downsizing everything including my suitcase sized purse, LOL The sad part was I have one of those cases that you can attach to your car somewhere to hold a spare key, and I SAW it just this past weekend when I unpacked a box and thought "I should really think about putting this on the car somewhere" Let me tell you friends, when you hear that still small voice LISTEN.

Well this all happened around 1pm and it was almost 8pm when I was finally home. Just in time to cook dinner, change clothes and head out to work. Spare keys in my posession too. I am paranoid now.

It's funny the day started out in a panic... I printed out my school schedule and realised one of the classes was at 10am and that was NOT going to work out for me. I rushed to the school Monday morning and met with my advisor and got it changed to online instead, this freed up my schedule and I was very excited.
I went online to check out the online classes I am taking, there are three of them, three on campus and three online. I was eagar to get home from the Drs and start the online stuff but of course that never happened.

So when I got to work last night I turned on the laptop and WHAT? No Internet. You have got to be kidding me? I finally did get on line and got to at least sign in to the classes and look around. Honestly out of that day the school stuff was the easy part, minus the parking lot at the college, wow what a zoo.

Today, Tuesday, was my first on campus class. I LOVED it. The professor happens to be my advisor and I like her. There are only 7 women students in the class and no men. Three of the 7 are over 40 too, it's going to be a fun class. Was supposed to last 3 hours but we were done in 90 minutes.  This class is about society and aging adults. I think I'm gonna post a poll on the blog I am curious about a few things we discussed, I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Ok I have rambled on long enough, I have online schooling to get to now. Oh and remember the NEW blog... please come and follow it too, I am trying to build it to 500 followers. There are new giveaways every Monday, and when I get 500 followers someone will win the Ipod Shuffle. Click on the link in the side bar or here. Please send your friends too. Thanks everyone, you're the best.

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sailorcross said...

What a day!! I can tell you that I have done this myself with my keys--as have most people. Only problem with my dilemma--I left the keys in the ignition,left my purse (with my phone inside), locked the car, and THEN realized that the car still running!! Obviously, there was a solution to the problem, but it took some thinking and inconveniences to others!!

Glad to see you back and more than glad to hear about the school experience!! Now, I have to ask you--did you even imagine--in your wildest dreams--that you would be doing all of this??

Congratulations, Kathy--on everything!!

I'm back to blogging, too. I missed it too much...just have to carve a little time out of the day.


Oh, and I'm already following your other blog and have mentioed it in mine...though I'll have to again later when more people realize I'm back!!

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