Sunday, August 22, 2010

Another KEURIG contest, Woo Hoo

As you all know I have been praying in a KEURIG ever since I used my dads for the first time almost two years ago.

I am still waiting, and thanks to good friends looking out for me (Libby) I have been told of yet another KEURIG give away contest.

I figure I can increase my chances if you all enter and when you win you donate the KEURIG to me, LOL. Just kidding, this is such a great coffee maker I wouldn't mind at all if you kept it for yourself.

So here is the link to the contest, but hurry it ends on August 31st, don't procrastionate. LOL

The blog is called Faithfully Frugal and Free (what a great blog title, huh?)

and the cntest I am refering to is this one Win a KEURIG

There are many more contests so you might be entering them all day long, so rest up those typing fingers, LOL

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