Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Better late then never

Well here was attempt number 2 of the leprechen and pot of gold... he sure has a huge head, don't ya think? Definately better seen in a solid color.

So as i finished this dishcloth I was binding off and I have always done the binding with my fingers lifting the stitch over the needle. I hate that. I have short fat stumpy fingers and no real long nails either. So this time I said to myself there must be a way to do this with the needles and then just as if someone else was making my habds move I did it with the needles. I think I woke up my husband as I let out a cheer.

Still working on the 3 cross dishcloths... I have finished 11 so far I need 30 by Easter as I am giving them as gifts to all the women I know. I am going to attach a card to them with a scripture on them, I have in mind the one I want to use I just haven't looked it up yet. I'll post it when I have done my homework.

Hoping to get my grandson Adam Thursday or Friday I sure miss him. Until then it's all about those dishcloths.

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