Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday- So I Finally Went To A LYS

The Knitorious Mrs. B has been chosen as a top 10 finalist for her Knitting peeps...
We need to get the word out that Knitting Rocks... if you have a minute click on the above picture and go vote for entry #2. She needs lot's of votes so tell your friends too.
I am working on a baby blanket for Adams soon to be born brother... This is my progress so far, I guess I am about 1/3 done.
I am using Bernat Baby Sport yarn in a baby blue color I will probably edge it with the same yarn only in white. it sure is soft.
After church today I drove around to visit the two local yarn shops in my area. The first one I went to said it was open Sunday until 7pm, but when I got there it was closed. Oh well at least I know where it is now, right? The second store was open until 4pm. I got a little lost driving around the airport but I found it. It was smaller inside then I figured it would be, of course maybe the fact that there were 30+ women in ther knitting might have something to do with that. I picked up some sock yarn while I was there...
It is from Cascade Yarn's Heritage paints selection, color Forrest
I got two hanks, which the LYS was kind enough to wind into balls for me, what a relief. One is for me and the other is for a friend.
I finally saw Noro yarn and Malabrigo yarn in person. If it wasn;t so crowded I might have browsed a little more, I'll go back, when I have more time, more money and less competition, LOL
Last I thought I'd brag a little about my improving Wii skills. Look at my bowling score!!! Yep a 280, almost a perfect game. One strike away. I am lookign forward to getting a 300 gane before my son does. And hey check out Adam's score, not bad at 148, and that's a low score for him, he is usually around 180.
Well now that the thunder and lightening has stopped I will publish this blog post and then get ready for bed. Have a great night everyone, sweet dreams.
PS: I don't know why my blog has all that photobucket nonsense on the left side, I tried everything to clear it off, and it won't go away. I may have to seek some help from an expert if it doesn't go away soon.


magnoliasntea said...

The baby blanket looks great!

I'm surprised there was an LYS open on Sunday, not around here. Love the sock yarn.

I noticed in the peep's contest that all the "nice" entries including MrsB's knitting were dead last..that's too bad. _shakes head_


Thanks, Kathy for your vote and the kind comment above from Tia.
I'm holding out some hope that I'll achieve my goal of not finishing dead last.

I really like the baby blanket-is the stitch the seed/Moss/double moss ? Looks elegant!

Zaneta @ Runner's Luck said...

The baby blanket looks wonderful!! It's coming along nicely! :D I wish we had a LYS around here! lol... all i have is Joann Fabric (a really small one with not a very good selection), Walmart (Just acrylic), Hobby Lobby (The best selection we have here, but still not very good), and Meijer (Just acrylic) lol... Sometime in the summer i wanna take a drive and see if i can find a good Yarn store somewhere :)
Oh, and did you get my email? or did i send it to the wrong address? lol

Turtle said...

lol at the WII update, my family are gamers, sadly i never got that bug! Cool about your LYS visits, love that green!!

Unknown said...

Ohhh, I love the sock yarn.
Your blanket is turning out so cute. Baby yarn is soft too!
Great bowling score! The Wii is on my wishlist.

Libby's Library said...

I love your enthusiasm!

Cat said...

Oh what gorgeous sock yarn. I bet the feel wonderful. Mmmmmalabrigo isn't is awesome feeling?


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