Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thursday, Tried and True

I am getting a later start today. My fault totally. I found a new thing to make my life easier. Well I think it will make my life easier, lol. I have oh maybe about 1 million books, some read, some not read yet, some I will never read. Jane told me about paperback swap and I am hooked. I joined this morning and already listed 27 books and mailed one out already. I have a new mystery on reserve for me for the WhoDuKnit group. I am so excited. I finally can start de-cluttering my stash of books.

Yes the answer to my riddle yesterday was Scrap Yarn... speaking of scrap yarn...

Todays Contest Assignment...

Below you will see a picture of my scrap yarn. Can you guess what this will turn into or be used for in the near future?
Post your answer in the comment section to receive another entry in this weeks contest. Remember you don't have to be correct you just have to comment to receive the entry.

Ok can a person go to prison for murdering a FLY? There is a HUGE fly zooming all around me and it's driving me crazy. The fly swatter is missing, actually I had to hide it because Adam wanted to play with it, he thought it was a flag or something and it was too close to his face, eweee, can we say germs!!! Well I hid it so well now I can't even find it. So I am frantically waving (I wanted to cross out this word like I see others do on blogs but I don't know how to do that, darn), no swinging is more like it, my little blanket at it. I haven't hit the fly yet, but I have knocked over the fan, the lamp and my bowl of knitting needles and pens. Can we say more messes to clean up then I wanted to deal with today.

Speaking of Adam they called today and he wants to come see me. He didn't go to school cause he was also sick, but she thinks he is good enough to come here. I told her I was sick but she wasn't concerned. I guess he will stay over night and got o school tomorrow from my house. I do miss him and I am relieved to see he still wants to come see me. I was worried about that. I know it was silly, but I was.

I do need to get groceries though. I can go without eating but I have to have something for Adam.

Ok time to catch a fly... hmm I wonder if I have any HONEY

Isa 7:18 And it shall come to pass in that day, [that] the LORD shall hiss for the fly that [is] in the uttermost part of the rivers of Egypt, and for the bee that [is] in the land of Assyria


Wendy said...

Hmm if it was my scrap ball it would be used for a pet blanket...Not sure what you have instore for yours. Hope you have a wonderful day and get to feeling better.
Big Hugs
(no I did not felt the cat bed, used 3 strands of acrylic for it. Love my cats but not enough to use my precious wool on them)

Kenyetta said...

I am thinking tessellating fish...

sailorcross said...

I'm not sure what you'll use that for. If it were mine, I'd probably make some sort of Christmas tree ornament--I'm thinking in that direction already--gifts for the kids, etc.

Thanks for the very nice comment you left me. And, it is so true--God's ways are so much higher than our ways--how can we even begin to understand? We have to live by faith, not sight.

Hope you feel 100% tomorrow.


By the way, that paperback swap looks very enticing. But, I think I'm going to stay away for awhile. I tend to do nothing but read if I have a book. I actually have to limit my reading time so that I can get other things done!!

Susan said...

Something Christmas-y. The ball of yarn itself looks like a Christmas tree ornament already.

Darcie said...

I was also going to say something Christmasy. Seems I was beat to it.

There must be something between kids and fly swatters. I still have to hide all of mine and my kids arent even that little anymore.

Anonymous said...

Oh I will have to check out that paperback swap. I just Freecycled a bunch but I think I still have some lying around as I tend to buy hardcover and not paperback.

Thanks for sharing.

Enjoy your day with Adam.

ikkinlala said...

I think you'll be using it for a blanket of some sort.

Lil Knitter said...

I would have guessed an ornament but since I read the newer post already...I know that's the wrong answer. I like what you do much better than an ornament!

You need a cool gadget my bil has for the flies. I so want one too. It looks like a little tennis racket but it's a zapper. It's lightweight, hand held....zaps those little buggers dead. So cool!


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