Saturday, August 1, 2009

Saturday- Swimming and Sun Sun Sunburn

Ah yes if you're not careful in the sun this is what happens. I just got into my jammies and noticed my face and arms and chest are pretty red. It's not hurting or anything, so I hope by morning it just looks like I have some good coloring.
This is my nephew Robbin in the pool, yes the very pool that is where I also got the sunburn today.But I had the best time. We played pool volley ball, yeah and we are not very good. But we laughed a lot and just had a blast.
After we dried off we had a BBQ and just hung around until those crazy kamakazie beetles started attacking us. Yikes they were HUGE, almost like mutan beetles.
I came home and talked to my friend in CA for a bit and then went to go to bed. That's when I noticed the sunburn and then realised I hadn't blogged. Oops. Turned the laptop back on and here I am.
Church in the morning and then I have to go feed my sisters cats. So I better get to sleep pretty soon.
Good night everyone, sweet dreams.

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Libby's Library said...

Sunscreen! - Use it, please?

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