Thursday, September 4, 2008

Thursday- HELP!!! My Brain Is Swimming A 100 Minutes A Mile

First... I DID IT!!!! I swam a MILE yesterday. And I did it non-stop. That is 36 laps, or 1800 yards. Ok I need to improve my time... LOL it took 100 minutes. Oh well, it's a start and a good one at that.
Now hopefully after a few more months of this exercise and diet etc. I will be rewarding myself with something PINK, what do you think of this?

Now for the HELP part... I have been TAGGED. The box is on it's way
I need to decide what little gift to send to the next team member. I plan on sending it in one of these cool bags.
And here are my four choices. From left to right...
Circular needle protectors
A set of two row counters
A needle size gadget and ruler
Pom Pom makers
Now here is where you come in. Please tell me what to send. Pick a bag and an gadget and let me know in the comments. It might be here tomorrow so hurry up.

I will leave you with one last thing... I actually ventured out of my comfort zone today and went to AC Moore (hence the choices pictured above)

I got lot's of stuff for me too, I'll post about that over the next day or two. LOL

Ok time to do the dishes and limber my fingers.



Unknown said...

Way to go!!! You swam for over an hour and a half...that is so inspiring. I may have to get on my treadmill, thanks to you. Buy yourself something pink now!!!

I wish you were sending to me, LOL. I like the pink bag with the little flower on it. And throw the needle size gadget in.

Lil Knitter said... awesome! You're doing so good with your swimming.

I like the bag with the purple and white flowers.
The needle gauge or the point protectors. Either one is always nice to have handy.


Maria said...

Wow! You deserve something pink NOW! Congrats! Woo woo!
Regarding the bag, I vote pink with yellow flower, and the gadget, either the row counters or point protectors. You rock!

Kenyetta said...

Congrats on swimming a mile! Way to go!
I like the yellow or purple bag. I have never used my point protectors but I use my needle gadget. The pom pom maker and row counters are neat too- sorry I am no help! LOL

sailorcross said...

WOW!! A MILE!! You are awesome!! You certainly deserve something pink!! And time--that doesn't even matter because the more you do this the speedier you will get without even trying!! I am so proud of you!!

Now, as for the gift to tuck inside the box that is on it's way to you--I like the little bag in the lower left (my left) hand corner with the little daisy. But, then, I'm partial to daisies!!

As for the gadget to enclose--any would do wonderfully, but if it were me, I would like to receive row counters.

I haven't been tagged yet, hopefully soon!!


Bea said...

You make me want to go swimming some more! Congrats on a mile!

Jane said...

Congratulations! What an acheivement - you should be so proud of yourself! I like the purple bag - and hmmm - the circ. needled protectors.

Lolly said...

WOW! I am so impressed! Congratulations on the great swim!

Wendy said...

Now if it was for me I like the Orange page and I always need point protectors because I have to use them to keep the kids from pulling my stitches off and mine ALWAYS seem to come up missing...Just like the size 7 needle that was lost ages ago and still no where to be found.
Great job on the swim........YIPPEEE

katerina said...

CONGRATS on the swimming!! your body will love you for it. I still have one class at the gym that my goal is to make it all the way through without 'stopping' or having to modify way down. I used to have so much more energy! Where did it go?
My pick is the purple bag and the circ needle protectors - I didn't know they have them, adn they're so cool!

leah said...

Way to go on your swimming! I would go with the purple bag and the circular needle protectors! Hope that helps!

Katie O said...

Pom pom maker and the bottom left bag in the front.... YEA! on the swimming!! Great job!! Look at you, swimming a mile!! Keep it up!!!

Georgi said...

Yeah for you! I can barely walk a mile in the pool, let alone swim it. You should be very proud!

She Knits Socks said...

(I can't swim a lick! You rock!)

I think the bottom left bag with the circular needle protectors.

hakucho said...

Congratulations on swimming a mile. That is fantastic !!!

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