Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday- Modern Art... you tell me.

Modern Art... ??? According to my son this is Contemporary Art. Can you guess what it's about?
I can give you a hint, since it's not totally complete (check back in a few days for perhaps updated pictures and maybe a video presentation.) This is supposed to be a metaphor of a human body simulating a trust between a doctor and patient in the process of a gastric bypass. That's a quick description, not at all exclusive of what his art presentation is all about.

Then there is this... the marvelous bracelet I won in Jillybeans contest. I took a picture of it next to my glasses so you could see how large the beads are. They are handmade too, and absolutely beautiful. I had them on my wrist earlier to try them out and well let's just say I was looking pretty good. LOL

I must say I am just a little afraid to go to sleep tonight. The spiders, and we are not talking about tiny spiders, are invading the house. These guys are HUGE and people eating spiders. My son just killed 2 of them within 5 minutes both only feet from my bed. If I were superstitious then I might believe there was a third waiting to pounce as soon as I let down my guard.

So if I don't blog tomorrow, let the authorities know I was eaten by a man eating king sized spider or worse spider family. I am starting to itch already... there are no spiders on me, there are no spiders on me.

I designed a new dishcloth tonight. I think I like it. I need to write up the pattern still and then knit another to make sure I got it right. Hopefully I can show you all later this week.

Ok I am off for the night. I WILL see you tomorrow, because there are no more spiders.



leah said...

Lovely bracelet!! Your spider story reminds me of Harry Potter following the spiders from Hagrid's Hut!

Shea said...

That would scare the ever living snot out of me. Really. I had a nest of brown recluse spiders hatch in my apartment in college and was bitten. The whole top of my hand turned black and I race to the hospital to get it fixed. Not really interested in doing that again. Maybe you should go to a hotel for the evening?

Awesome Mom said...

We have a lot of man eating spiders in our basement and luckily (knock on wood) they have not made it upstairs where we sleep. I like spiders the best when they are outside of my house.

sailorcross said...

I do hope you explain more about your son's creation--the what does this mean? part. I'm afraid I don't understand--but, then again I've never really understood modern art.

Your bracelet is just beautiful!! I love those beads, so colorful!

Spiders you say? I don't like spiders!! And here I thought I might stop up there some day for a visit. When is it not spider season?


sweetp said...

eww spiders!! my pet hate!

love your bracelet!

Wendy said...

Congrats on the bracelet, I had forgotten to tell you that before...
I HATE spiders big or small....I am scaredy cat when it comes to them....Can not wait to see the artwork, I thought maybe he was being nice and making you yarn cubbies.....
Have a great day today.........

Unknown said...

Ack, spiders! I found one on my bed, right next to my leg. I think he was finding a good spot to sink his fangs into...until I crushed him. Legs flying....anyway.

Can't wait to see the new cloth. The bracelet is gorgeous. Don't you love winning stuff?

I'll send your spider back to you now...LOL

RoamingKnitter said...

Yick, spiders! We once crawled into a cave that had daddy longlegs hanging on the roof of the entrance. Or maybe they were Grand-daddy longlegs, they were huge. I felt creepy crawlies all over me for days!

Love the bracelet. Bet you really look great in your new bling.

The art looks like a bunch of wooden box kites to me. I am more of a representational art person.

May your day be wonderful.

Kenyetta said...

The bracelet is gorgeous!
I am with you on the spiders, shuddering

Lil Knitter said...

What a gorgeous it!
Omg...spiders! I hate the creepy crawlies now. :(
Can't wait to see your new always come up with good ones.

Georgi said...

Wonderful bracelet! Get a mosquito net and put around you as you sleep. lololol

Jane said...

Congratulations on your win - very pretty bracelet. I don't know about the modern art LOL - I'll have to see more of it.
Don't let those spiders get you!

smariek said...

Your bracelet is beautiful!

hakucho said...

Love your bracelet!

Sure hope you get those spiders under control!! Little ones aren't too bad, but those big ones can be scary!

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