Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tuesday- I woke up OLD today

Today is my sisters birthday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAYNA, but I suddenly feel very OLD. My birthday was almost a month ago, as most of you know... that was surgery day. I felt young that day, and like a new lease on my life was happening. but today... today I am OLD.

Why, you might ask? Well I saw the eye Dr today. I need bifocals. OMG... when did I turn into my mother?

The entire visit was pretty much a fiasco from the beginning. We got there 30 minutes early. But didn't get to see the Dr until 30 past our appt time. The Dr was very nice. Also OLD, lol. But very nice. His wife fits the glasses and she was super nice too. But we aren't getting glasses there.

Turns out the insurance we have for vision is not with who we thought and this DR does not participate. Uh Oh. So calls to DH's secretary for coverage info, calls to the company for coverage limits, and disappointment in knowing we were going to be out some money for this mix up. So final word... we have to go elsewhere to get the glasses unless we want to pay all but $43.00 for them. I don't think so. Then we go to leave and I take out the flexible spending card to pay for the visit and they don't take credit cards only cash or check. Uh Oh again. I have $1.22 in change for cash and $18.09 in the checking account. Now what? I said I could write a check but they couldn't cash it. She decided to just bill us instead. Whew.

The drive home was fun... both DH and I had drops in our eyes. Good news no eye diseases. But let me tell you dilated pupils don't make for good driving. We made it though. Only knocked over 1 reindeer decoration. LOL not really, but it was a rough ride.

I came home and cooked dinner for DH and the boys. I even tried 5 bites the size of my thumb nail of left over Thanksgiving turkey. I didn't get sick either. I know I am a couple days early but I could tell I needed some protein.

Then I went upstairs to watch HOUSE. I don't know why but I really enjoy this show. Anyway the show tonight was about a girl who had a gastric bypass. OK it could have made me very nervous. But I stuck it out and I feel good that I will be fine. No side effects.

Oh lastly before I sign off for the night... DH hugged me today and was able to wrap his arms completely around me and even clasp his hands together. Guess maybe I am losing in places other then my FACE.

If all goes well weather wise tomorrow I am hoping for a play date in the Pool. Then a relaxing time in the hot tub. I really miss the pool. I won't swim laps until after Friday, but I can enjoy the water before then.

I am off to dream land... hopefully not to dream about Wilt Chammberlain... I mean really what's up with that?

Sweet Dreams to you all



Wendy said...

Oh my word...When I had to get prescription readig glasses I was my mom, she was 40 when her arms were not long enough anymore...and I do believe that Bifocals will be in my very near future...(they should have did it instead of the reading glasses)....That is awesome about the hug....You know I have not hugged my husband in forever, I think I will go out there right now and do that.....but then again my "front" may be put at jeopardy if I do so.....

Claudia said...

I enjoy watching House, too, although I had to stop for a little while during the whole cancer thing. Some of his jokes didn't work on me then. But I'm good again now. :D

I've had bifocals for quite some time now and I love them! Reading is huge for me, so anything that makes is easier is great.

Of course, these days I usually take my glasses off to read. The kids in my CCD class looked at me really weird the first time I did it. They said there must be something wrong with me because "normal" people put glasses ON to read! LOL

So don't feel old. *hugs*

SimplyMe said...

Happy Birthday Dayna!!!

It's about time for you to do a self portrait. Did you know you haven't let us see you since the surgery. You afraid we won't notice anything? I think that's purty-near impossible at this point.





sailorcross said...

Happy Birthday to Dayna!!

Old--you should try my glasses!! I've had bifocals for years, and then the last time I went the doctor told me I need TRIFOCALS!! What in the world!!

And like Claudia--I still need to take my glasses off to read small print!!

That is so wonderful about hubby hugging you like this!! I'm just sitting here smiling thinking about it!!

Enjoy the pool and hot tub!! Wish I could go and enjoy that with you!!

Yes, I agree--it's self-portrait time!!


teabird said...

I'm hideously nearsighted, and I've used reading glasses since I was 17. That's 40 years of reading glasses! I have the progressives - once you get used to them, they're wonderful.

House - I almost cried at the end when I saw Cuddy's face....

Bianca said...

Happy Birthday to Dayna :-)

I guess bifocals are not that bad :-) They will become an enrichment when you are used to them in time. :-)

smariek said...

So happy to hear about the hug! You'll have plenty more to look forward to.

Happy Birthday to your sister Dayna!

katerina said...

I think those 'reminder hugs' should happen about 10 times a day now :) They do say the average person needs 8 hugs a day, and figuring you're above average - I say put 10 in for the minimum!

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