Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tuesday- Tada...

This is the most recent pattern design I made. I designed it for the KAL on one of my Yahoo groups. I called it Easter Egg Love, I know not very creative. I'll be adding it to my pattern blog this week. And Ravelry of course.
What is your favorite Easter Candy? I know a silly question but honestly folks I am still a little tired and brain fried. Any comment made will get you Tuesdays entry for this weeks prize.
Oh an looky what I got in the mail. My first Interweave KNITS magazine. I wonder if I will ever attempt a single pattern in this book?

I am feeling better, still tired and a little sore but I should live. I was hoping to get to the Y this week to swim but think maybe I should wait until I am at least off the antibiotic. UTI and public pool, maybe not a smart move.
I guess I am going to sign off for now and hit the hay. Hope you are having a wonderful night and sweet dreams too.


Renna said...

I think if you were to question your doctor, he'd likely tell you to avoid the pool until your UTI is completely gone. At least mine did!

My favorite Easter candy is chocolate. Chocolate eggs, chocolate bunnies, chocolate, chocolate, chocolate, no matter the shape! ;-)

Claudia said...

Hubz and I were discussing this very question on Easter Sunday. His favorite is the Cadbury eggs. But I don't seem to have a favorite for some reason.

Growing up in my family, the desserts Mom would make for Easter ended up being a lot better than candy, so I guess that's why. Her rice pie and her ricotta pie were to die for. I miss those. She never used recipes so they went with her.

sailorcross said...

My favorite candy--peanut butter eggs--though this year we had NO candy--not a bit!!

Your cloth is beautiful--another great job by you!! No, I haven't made it yet--haven't done any knitting in over two weeks. I think that must be some kind of record for me. Life is too complicated and confusing, and I'm actually cross stitching my time away right now.

Stay away from the pool for a bit, at least until you're feeling a little better and your antibiotics are finished!!

Love ya',


magnoliasntea said...

Cute cloth! Wtg!
Glad you're feeling better.

I got a subscription for that same magazine on eBay a few years agao and never saw the first one. Ah well.
Hope you find something to knit in there. I love the sweater on the front, but it looks like the neck would choke me. I'm so picky.

Dark chocolate teamed with most any fruit flavor is my favorite anytime candy.

Unknown said...

I LOVE Cadbury eggs. The original ones, not with all the fancy shmancy filling. I love how the creamy inside drips onto your fingers to be licked off after you polish off the decadent chocolate. Yum!!

Get better soon!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so verymuch and I LOVE the cloth....
My favorite easter candy is regular jelly beans or even the spiced ones....
Take care of your self and get some rest....
Love and Hugs

Turtle said...

it would be a toss up between jelly bellies or reeses pb cups

SimplyMe said...

The cloth looks better knitted up than on the chart...another good one.

Ahhh, reeses pb eggs

Jane said...

That's a very pretty cloth. My favorite Easter candy is Cadbury eggs. Hope you have your energy back soon!

hakucho said...

Chocolate, malted milk eggs...our Easter bunny didn't bring any this year :(

Glad you are doing better :)

Kenyetta said...

I love jelly beans!
Hope you are back to 100% soon!

smariek said...

Oooh, pretty cloth design!

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