Friday, August 8, 2008

Friday- Time Flies Fast but you already knew that right?

Well I am here... Don't call out the search party. I started working on blogging about 8am and here it is 11:30 and I am just finally typing something. How does the time FLY so fast?

Took this picture this morning of the "Bubba" he insisted on sleeping with the newest knitted dishcloths.
Here is a close up of them. Just plain grandma favorite type cloth, I knitted these while at the hospital yesterday for the education class. It kept me calm especially after the 1 mile trek to and from the parking lot to the meeting room. YIKES.

I'll be knitting more dishcloths today as well, I am blessed to have another ETSY request and want to fill the order ASAP.

So let's get onto CONTEST STUFF so I can get onto KNITTING, LOL


Below is a cropped photo I snagged from one of your blogs yesterday (actually I snagged it this morning, one of the reasons I took so long... we had 23 comments yesterday, lol) I apologize I didn't leave comments on them yet... I really wanted to get to blogging before lunch, geez.

So take a minute or 45 lol and go blog hopping today and see if you can find where I found this finished object. Post your guess in the comment section for your entry today in this weeks contest. As always, I am sure it doesn't need to be said, if you haven't time to blog hop no problem. Just leave a comment saying anything and you'll still be entered.

If you do get a chance to blog hop today or later this weekend make sure to leave comments wherever you land, we all know how much we love comments. It really brightens up someones day to know someone appreciates what they share with the blog land. It takes a moment of time to give at least a days worth of JOY to another.

Ok I guess that's about it for me today. I have dishcloths to create, Adam hugs to give and receive and very sore legs to rest. Hmmm can all three of those things be accomplished in the same day? We shall see, come back tomorrow to find out the answer to that and more life pondering questions, LOL.

Aunt Kathy
Thinking if time were in a bottle she'd have a ton of recycling, Hahahahahaha


Anonymous said...

Gotta love the little creature in the picture! :-) These are so adorable for children (or adults, like me!).

Your granny cloth looks a little different from mine, Kath. How many stitches before the YO? I have been doing 3. Are you doing just 1?

Have a BLESSED day!

leah said...

Etsy orders! what a blessing!

RoamingKnitter said...

Kandilion's amgurumi is a darling little lion. Love it.

The varigation of your grandma's fav cloths really is great. Almost makes you want to grab a piece of taffy. lol

Unknown said...

I was just checking out kandilion's blog and saw the cute lion there. She's my neighbor, you know. Small world, huh?
I'm on a knitting spree...had to sit by the computer to wait for your post since I missed it last week. Now I can get off and try to work on these socks. I'm doing toe-up with short row toe and's new and weird and slow going. But the yarn is so soft and yummy...
I finished my clapotis yesterday. yay!!
Ok, rest those legs while you knit up those cloths. I have a lot I need to get done as well..have a great weekend.

Georgi said...

The little lion is on kandilion's blog, and it is darling.

BellaMama said...

I have been knitting tons of dishcloths, but's supposed to be a secret! I'll get around to giving a link to a blog that has a beautiful lace stitch that I used for a cloth and then type up my few cloth of these days!! I've been blog-hopping and my eyes are too tired right now. I'm done!

visit my knitting blog - if you want:
bellamamashandwork (dot) blogspot
(dot) com
Blessings as you knit!

Maria said...

Hi Kathy!
Nice color for dishcloth. Still at hotel, closing Monday on the house...can't wait to get settled again!!Thanks for the sock bag!! I am loving it!!

Katie O said...

I am off to the airport to go home for the weekend(courtesy of my dad), so I will probably miss the rest of the weekend. I hope you have a great weekend... Hugs!

Mimi said...

Oh I must go to kandilions blog and check this out!

Little man is too cute all curled up there!

Have a great weekend!

Kenyetta said...

Cute toy!
I love the pic of "Bubba" with the dishcloths!

Turtle said...

he has long been located!! but what a cute one! nice knitting, to do some now myself. The winter shawl from Knitspot...still, lol!

camrydriver said...

Great use of grandchild as a dishcloth model! I'm going to steal that idea!

hakucho said...

Those cloths are sure pretty and I think that the fact they are right next to your favorite little boy makes them even prettier :)

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