Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday- Find the Finished Object day

Well today was supposed to be my Adam day but apparently they have planned an outing with Adam so he can't come until tomorrow. OK... I will try not to think they are just doing this to keep him from us. No need to go there, right? I will however keep him thru Sunday and maybe until Monday as well. I have therapy on Monday and maybe I'll bring him with me or leave him with his Daddy for a couple hours.

I WILL have some pictures of knitting things this weekend. I've been working on a new ETSY order and I received a swap package from Anita O yesterday too. So stay tuned tomorrow and Sunday for pictures.

Love the caption ideas yesterday, especially Tea's looks like she was on a roll, LOL. How many captions did you think of, lol... 3, 4, 100... I loved it, they all made me smile.



Below you will see a part of a picture I took from someone who commented on my blog yesterday (Thursday) Your assignment is to find the blog it came from...make sure you leave the blogger a comment too, you know how much we all love comments. In fact maybe you can leave a comment on every blog you visit today searching for this finished object. Imagine all the smiles you will generate.

Don't forget to comment on my blog, lol... tell me where you found this finished object and you will receive another entry in this weeks contest. If you just can't get to the blog hopping today, that's OK too, just leave any old comment for an entry. Maybe later over the next couple days you will get a chance to visit some of these great blogs. Never any pressure here, it's all FUN FUN FUN. LOL

As usual there are NO contest assignments over the weekend, but still please come and comment because all comments made thru Sunday night will be counted as entries, OK?

Now my weekend mission??? I need to figure out what I want next weeks prize to be. Any requests? Patterns, stitch markers, yarn, something I have made... you tell me. I am up for any and all suggestions.

Well it's NOT raining today and it's NOT humid but it is in the mid eighties temperature wise. I think I might just go float in my pool this afternoon, that is if I make some progress on that ETSY order, lol.


magnoliasntea said...

The prize for next week should be a fuel efficient mini, or plane tickets to yon southern tip of Texas (going to a wedding there in November)or some nice lil o'markers to grace my knitting when I go. Maybe you better pick....chuckles.

I got to mop the kitchen floor now or I'd surely love to find the answer for today's ?.

Wonder of wonders..I'm in the mood to knit socks....what's happening to me?? I think it's influence from hangin' out here. ;)

Wendy said...

It is from Jane at Grammieknits..... Jack just called and I have only been up a half an hour and have to get me and the kids dressed and make the 40 minute drive to get him...There goes my Friday..again.....

Raymie said...

Ok I found it on Ravelry (I'm pretty sure) but can't find it on a blog from yesterday. Does that count?

Study break over!

ikkinlala said...

It's on Jane's blog, I think.

Unknown said...

I'm looking at the green scarf right now on Janes blog.

Turtle said...

lol, well everyone says its on janes blog so i am trusting them! smile! enjoy your weekend!!

danielle said...

I came over to you blog from is from Jane's Grammieknits blog!

The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

Hello! Thanks so much for stopping by the beach party today! We know exactly how you feel - we were born in the wrong era too!! Although, we don't know if we would want to have been adults in the 40's, 50's or 60's - so much fun - so much fun music! Guess we've got the best deal right now - we can enjoy it all!!

Have a great weekend!
Karla & Karrie

Share said...

It's from Jane at Grammieknits. Now I have to go find it in Ravelry so I can fave it for when I finally make cables. LOL And I have to go find that yarn too! :D

Mimi said...

Well, looks like it's Jane's scarf! It's so pretty!

As far as prizes for next week go, I don't know.... yarn is always good for me, as are little bits and bobs like stitch markers and stuff...

But I'm really hoping to win this week! It looks so cool! So Pick me, pick me!

I'm sorry Adam couldn't come today, that really sucks. Have a great weekend!

sailorcross said...

Well, I searched before I looked at everyone else's answers, and I found it on Jane's blog. And it is beautiful, too!!

I'm so sorry Adam didn't get to come today. Just look at it as they are telling you the truth and enjoy the time you have with him this weekend.


Georgi said...

Your found this picture in Jane's blog, GrammieKnits( love the color and the pattern, it is an eye opener. I commented on it yesterday on Jane's blog, but I will be commenting again today :-)

Unknown said...

I have to admit I cheated a little, after reading the other comments, I went and checked Jane's blog, and there it was. What a beautiful color!!

As far as prizes go, how about yarn? Cotton, sock, whatever. Or notions. Could always use another needle or scissors or a notions bag. I' all about the practical.

Jane said...

LOL - no wonder I had so many comments on that post! I think I know whose blog that was on!

Kenyetta said...

I am going with Jane's blog!
Have fun with Adam this weekend!

Anonymous said...

I found the photo! At Grammie the post titled "Christmas Knitting".

I also posted about your week 4 contest here:

and put your button in my sidebar here:

I found you through the Beach Party.

Some fun!

I am a beginning knitter and am eager to learn. So, I'll be bookmarking your blog.

Darcie said...

What a great idea for a contest! A treasure hunt in amid the blogs!

Anonymous said...

I don't know who made the FO you highlighted but it looks beautiful... I haven't been by in a while.. so busy here with family overrunning the place ;-) It's been fun honestly.. and I'm sad to see this last bunch go home..

I'll be by more often now though... :-)


smariek said...

No clue which blog that is on, but the center cable looks a lot like the Saxon Braid cable which I've seen in a number of my stitch dictionaries, and I bet I can find the other cable in one of my books too. lol.

Anonymous said...

I thinks this is a great contest. I found it on grammieknits, but what was great about it, I linked over to all the other patterns, and found three that I have bookmarked to do. Soon as my cast on my hand is off, I get to knit again. It's been five weeks of just lookin at patterns.

Lil Knitter said...

It's from Grammieknits and it's gorgeous!

Tea is too funny....still laughing at ther suggestions.


Katie O said...

Hope you get to spend lots of time with Adam with weekend. He's such a doll!! Happy pool time too!!

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