Monday, January 12, 2009

Monday- Mangled Maddness & A Makeover

Well there it is, the mystery KAL. It is also FO number 7, I am only 5 short now, LOL. I better get to knitting, ya think?
Here is Jims Car. Or what's left of the driver side anyway. We got the claim called in today and got him a rental car and now we wait. If it's fixable hopefully it will be done before the 20 days rental runs out or until we can contact the other drivers insurance company for reimbursement.
Joe is feeling OK, still pretty sore. He made an appointment to see the DR tomorrow to make sure he is OK.

Well I (thank's to Beth) tried again to get my layout changed on the blog. I had the instructions before but I obviously did something wrong because it didn't work and I gave up. This time I did it right because it is now a three column. Now I found a picture I wanted to use for the header... but when I tried to download that all my side bar buttons disappeared. {{{sigh}}} Now I know Beth mentioned this but I am too brain dead today to figure out what I have to do. So this will wait until tomorrow, or February, LOL.
I didn't felt the kitty yet. I decided to knit another and I will felt one stuffed and one un-stuffed. I must know which way works better.
There is a contest going on over at the $5 dollar dinners blog. It's for a designer lunch bag. In case you are interested click on the link. They have other contests too so I put a button on my side bar for them, can't hurt to check them out every now and then, right?
That's about it for me today. I think I'll get a drink of milk and go to bed. Hope you all ahve a wonderful night full of sweet dreams


sailorcross said...

I see you have your 3 columns!! Yeah!! It took me three times in order to accomplish this. The first time I just gave up, and then went back later. This was actually the hardest part for me! You're almost there! Took me almost 3 evenings to get everything done, but now that I know it will be easy-peasy!!

You need to copy and save your html info on notepad or somewhere and then go back and put it in your new template. If you need help, drop me a line and I'll try to explain.

Here's hoping that the car repairs go quickly!! Here is PA we're a no fault state (whatever that means!) and everything goes through your own insurance company and then they are reimbursed by the other's company. Make sense? No, of course not!!

I have the last day's rows to do yet on the dishcloth, and then finished another one!!

I'm going to have to go back and get those kitty instructions for Lindsay!

Love you and have a wonderful day!!

sailorcross said...

Oh, after all that I forgot!! I want to find a ticker to track my BMI separately from my weight. Know of any? I only found one and it had weight and BMI together.


Unknown said...

I like the new layout. and the cloth is way cool.

sorry about the car. Ouch. I hope your son is ok, and after the Dr. is still ok. At least you got a rental!

Ok bracing for the storm. it's snowing, but with the wind and below zero wind chills it's going to get interesting. And we have a blizzard watch out for Wednesday into Thursday!

SimplyMe said...

Oh dang it, I was hoping to be the first to notice the 3 columns!!! LOL.

Ouch on the car. for some reason I've always pictured his car red. Isn't it funny how I can be so wrong!!!

Blizzard watch? That means you'd better get out today (tuesday) while you can!!!

leah said...

Okay, I'm stressed out just thinking about you making 365 FO, but if anyone can do it you can!

magnoliasntea said...

Nifty new look to your blog! Love the cloth! Too bad about the car door...what a least he gets a rental. I'll be checking back to see those kitties.

Mary Ann said...

Sorry to see your son's car so messed up!

I love the cloth! Very nice1

Haven't been around because I've been in the hospital again with pnemonia! The family took me to the er on Wednesday evening and I got released late on Sunday. I'm still on meds, but I'm feeling so much better.

Just wanted you to know that I wasn't ignoring you!

I'm making the Snow Days beret from the new Crochet Today. I can't wait to see it finished!

Hope you don't get snowed in! Stay safe and warm!

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